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Cam Jansen: Cam Jansen And The Valentine Baby Mystery #25

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Cam Jansen Cam Jansen And The Valentine


MPN: FBA-|279393
ISBN: 9780142406946
Author: David A. Adler

Do you want to get yourself a kids book? Cam Jansen: Cam Jansen And The Valentine is a good book. The author is David A. Adler and it was published sometime in December of 2006 by Puffin. The book is 80 pages long. I want you to get the best price when shopping for a book. Please, check out our affilate link.

It's Valentine's Day, and Cam is at school when she learns her mother is about to give birth. Cam and her best friend, Eric, rush to the hospital with his mom. Will Cam solve it before her Valentine sibling is born? There, inside the waiting room, something valuable disappears. Cam starts to unravel the mystery. Click, click!


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