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Young Cam Jansen And The 100TH Day Of School Mystery

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Young Cam Jansen And The 100TH Day

Viking Juvenile

ISBN: 0670061727
Author: David A. Adler


To celebrate their 100th day of school, Cam and Eric's class party will have snacks that start with "P"--pretzels, popcorn, pineapple juice, and pizza. But when the pizza disappears from the kitchen, it's up to Cam and her photographic memory to solve this delicious mystery.
Looking for an incredible kids book? Young Cam Jansen And The 100th Day Of School Mystery is a brilliant book. The author is David A. Adler and the publisher is Viking Juvenile. It was available on the 9th of July, 2009. The book is mostly about Jansen, Cam and it is thought to be fantastic juvenile fiction. If you are within the library you can most certainly look it up using the classification code, P. The kids book is 32 pages long and it consists of splendidly colored illustrations. To get your very own print of this kids book, check out the add to cart button on this site.

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. But when the pizza for the party disappears from the kitchen, it's up to cam and her photographic memory to"" click"" and solve this delicious mystery! Cam and her best friend, Eric, are excited about their class's 100th day of school party!


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